Turkish Infidels


The residents of İzmir are angered by the statements of religious conservatives and Islamist extremists who describe the city as “Infidel (Gavur) Izmir.” The conservatives complain about the locals packing nightblubs and bars, and women wearing mini-skirts and low-cut tops. And of course, there’s alcohol. But Izmiris call themselves modern Muslims and for them, it is secularism that is sacred - as introduced by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. They say “Infidel Izmir will remain infidel.” (bbc) "Gavur İzmir zihniyeti bizim için hakaret değil, iltifattır; gavur İzmir kadar Müslüman olsunlar yeter" (y.özdil) Kemeraltı IZMIR (2008)

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